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Opening Hours

Dine In or Take Out

Monday - Sunday: 7am - 3pm

About Us

Colorado Native, Matt Casarez has been cooking professionally since he was 14 (just dont tell his mom he skipped school to make pizzas), and Denver culinary professional for over 20 years. From Johnson and Wales culinary school to the Brown Palace, ownership of Colorado's Oldest Restaurant and Saloon in Black Hawk, and boasting an unbeatable ice cream Guinness World Record. Matt has mastered all types of cuisine and is passionate about flavor combinations and nailing a dish, especially with the freedom as an independent restauranteur. 

Prosper Eats is Matt's latest culinary adventure. The restaurant is building on the success of LoHi's beloved breakfast staple ProsperOats (see what we did there?), giving the menu an upgrade, while keeping Denver's Best homemade Acai bowl and answering the palable clamor for an affordable, fresh, delicious lunch in LoHi. Prosper Eats joins Arista Deli & Coffee and Mc2 Ice Cream Co. as Matts current culinary undertakings.

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